Strange Brew

Strange Brew Cover ArtEvery so often, there comes a great video from the great white north. Some of these classics include Anti Social’s “Portraits” and Northside Productions’ “North 2: Port Moody Blues. I really hold these videos in high regard because they are a great representation of skateboarding in Canada.

Recently, a new video emerged from Canada by Kurtis Filippone called Strange Brew. This video’s title is derived from SC-TV film spin off of the same name. This video contains footage from Spencer Hamilton, Russ Milligan, Wade Fyfe, Ted DeGros, Bradley Sheppard, Sascha Daley, Scott Decenzo and several other canadian icons.

There are so many parts in this video, I just plan to hit some of the major items that stick out to me. Spencer Hamilton has the well deserved opener. The more I watch his part, the more I grow to liking his style. Sascha Daley and Scott Decenzo share a part. I’m not really feeling Decenzo, but Sascha’s footage is insane. His last two tricks make me wonder why he hasn’t been put fully on any Black Box company. Bradley Sheppard has my favorite part by far. His trick selection is crazy, but it all works. Wade Fyfe can’t seem to break his amazing part streak. I really don’t think he can put out bad footage. Last part goes to Ted DeGros. I really like the skating in his part, but they shouldn’t have edited it to Coldplay. Watch out for the front tail hard flip out.

The montages are pretty solid. Jeremey Reeves and Magnus Hanson pull out the best footage. I really hope Magnus gets picked up fully on Real. He’s too good for an international flow deal.

This video was fun watch, but I don’t think it will hold up as well a past Canadian videos. I can still watch watch “Port Moody Blues” and “Portraits” all the way through and get hyped, but I find myself skipping around in this video. The highlights that I mention earlier are worth the purchase.

I give this video a 7 out of 10.

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May 22, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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